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Executive Summary

BHOOMI VENTURES Pvt. Ltd. (BVPL or BV), founded in 2011, with the joint efforts of ex-IT & ex-Military professionals with vast experience in all facets of REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY.In a short span of time, the company is becoming one of the fastest growing entities in the realty sector with a difference that offers luxury for reasonable costs, excellent customer care levels with highest customer satisfaction index and the highest imaginable standards for the welfare of its staff, society as well as for the environment. The company which was first started in NCR is fasting growing in other states in INDIAThe company is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality construction, timely delivery and customer satisfactio BHOOMI DEVELOPERS is a sister concern of BV group, formed in an association with well known Radha Krishna Construction Company.BHOOMI DEVELOPERS is an established Construction Company with vast experience in the industry and is capable enough to handle any type of construction project and complete it with in time frame necessary. We also undertake turn-key projects including planning, designing and execution,BHOOMI DEVELOPERS has already converted more than 3 million sq. ft. area of residential and commercial entity into architectural landmarks. Our group housing projects are a major success in whole UP region.

WHY Bhoomi Ventures

BVPL believes that it can bring functional expertise and knowledge of civil construction and renovation projects in past for the development of the current project. The figure below illustrates the value proposition of BVPL in the reality space.

  • Vertical depth building into project planning and implementation
  • Value additions based on standard toolkits and experiences
  • Faster, predictable delivery schedules based on rigorous planning and experience
  • Cost control through budgeting and systemic approach
  • Quality control through constant checks and reviews
  • Flexibility / change management through use of latest tools and processes
  • Thinking through operations and maintenance in the development stage
  • Superior Construction in terms of quality, time delivery and customer service.

Project Understanding

TAJ Group is an internationally renowned brand for luxury hotels in INDIA. These hotels are run under different brands like Taj, Vivanta, Gateway, etc.

As part of their business plan, TAJ is in the process of setting up some more hotels in NCR as detailed: TAJ for its current project wants BVPL team to play owner’s representative role. BVPL would be responsible for:BVPL team has understanding and knowledge of TAJ standards of construction and has executed projects for TAJ like renovation of Gateway Hotel in Agra, PMC and Supervision of Vivanta Hotel in Delhi.  

  • Tracking Project Progress
  • Quality Check
  • Design Coordination
  • Analysis of MIS reports submitted by PMC

NOTE: This proposal is made on the preliminary information received from TAJ GROUP.  The detailed report would be prepared only after understanding the full scope of work.

Scope of Services

BVPL would represent TAJ in this project as owner’s representative and would oversight all project and project quality. The main responsibilities of BVPL would be as follows:

Quality: BVPL would monitor, control and prepare quality report for the following services:

  1.  Electrical
  2.  Mechanical
  3.  Plumbin
  4.  HVAC
  5.  Fire Fighting
  6.  Networking
  7.  interiors & Finish Design
  8.  Security
  9.  Landscaping

Design Coordination:BVPL would be responsible for coordination of any design changes or modification between TAJ group and the appointed PMC consultants.

                                       i.      To ensure that the site works are executed as per the approved GFC / shop drawings.

Tracking Project Progress: BVPL on behalf of TAJ group would pursue and follow up with PMC, contractors, Architect and other consultants the overall progress of the project.

                                       i.       Would get reports from PMC and monitor them

                                       ii.      Would do the analysis and prepare MIS reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

                                       iii.      Monitoring progress of works, evaluating and comparing with planned program.

                                       iv.      Monitoring of detailed Activity-wise Master program for the entire project.

 Maintaining of Budget and Schedule

 Review of Project



BVPL would be monitoring and reviewing different stages of project as follows:

1.Strategic Planning & Development Phase:

    1. Monitoring Baseline project plan and PERT chart.
    2. Monitoring progress of works, evaluating and comparing with planned program
    3. Monitoring and Approvals for work packages (Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, High & Low side Electrical works, Finishes, etc.)
    4. Delay analysis, if any.
    5. Quality Tests & reports.
    6. Monitoring compliance of all statutory obligations
    7. Approvals & monitoring of modifications in construction if any, due to site condition and approving on variation to cost and time.
    8. Conducting quality checks and audits in all departments as mentioned in scope.
    9. Monitor weekly status report on progress of work
    10. Monitor and approve reports on material procured and required
    11. Monitor and approve manpower planned and deployed
    12. Monitor and approve plants, equipments, accessories etc. planned and deployed 

2.Completion Phase:

    1. Approval of completion report, ‘As Built’ drawings, hard and soft copies of all relevant data and documents and comparative statement with regard to physical and financial inputs and outputs as compared to the original estimates and forecasts on completion of job
    2. Monitoring & Approving of future maintenance schedule along with the cost parameters
    3. Approval of final bills of all contractors.
    4. Approve project close out report.
    5. Taking over project from PMC , other contractors & subsequent Hand over to Taj Operation Team. 


Upon clarification in respect to scope of work and responsibilities , this section would be completed after having received Project Brief & relevant details from TAJ.


Hotel Clark Shiraj agra

Project Requirement Analysis Document

PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to clearly identity the requirements, fill the missing gaps, gather the architectural plans and bring all the stakeholders on the same page.




Current understanding

Need More Info




  • a)       Ceiling lights position plan
  • b)       Supply air grills
  • c)       Return air grills
  • d)       Smoke Detector Position
  • e)       FCU Position
  • f)        Trap door position
  • g)       Sprinkler positions

BVPL have only received the ceiling drawing with grid ceiling dimensions only.

We need other details as mentioned in reqd 1





a)       Position of power sockets for travel offices

b)       ON/OFF Switches positions inside travel offices

c)       Internet & Telephone socket positions inside offices


There is no electrical plan provided

Need positioning of switches as mentioned in reqd 2



Internet & Phone connectivity plan between office and outside area. Need location of the junction box inside office area.


Need to to identify place & position of Junction Box/ Connection Box



According to which plan FCU, AC Duct & Fire sprinklers are being laid inside and need their drawing for proper integration with our services & interiors.


Need FCU position plan




a)       Placement of master table & other work stations for each office so that phone & internet points can be placed accordingly.

b)       Tiles laying plan, if any


Need details as per reqd 5




a)       Ceiling roof color should be “white”. Or as suggested

b)       Tiles color should be “ivory”. Or as suggested.

c)       Wall color to be approved by hotel.


Sunmica color & make already given in drawing

Need approvals of color shade



Dismantling of existing kitchen

Hotel will dismantle the kitchen




Existing main entry door height would be adjusted accordingly to the new tile floor